Thank you for visiting our website. We’re proud of our community, and want you to know what we have to offer. Whether you’re an individual, family, small business, or large corporation looking for new horizons; you’ll be hard put to find a better place than Delbarton, West Virginia.

Perhaps you’re planning to visit with us so you can experience the “Adventure of a Lifetime” on the Hatfield-McCoy Trails; or take part in our annual Delbarton Homecoming Celebration.

Delbarton Opry House & Community Center

Or maybe you want to visit our famous local attraction, the Delbarton Opry House and Community Center, where you can listen to live Bluegrass, Country, Folk, Gospel and even some Rock-n-Roll, performed by our local people, and every now and then we have some out-of-towners come by and do some pickin’. As a Community Center the facility is availble for rent. To schedule an event, and for information on rental fees and availability, contact the Delbarton Town Hall.

Or possibly, you’re even thinking about coming to Delbarton to live or do business! Well, one thing’s for sure. Once you’re here you’ll come to know what our residents have known for a few hundred years, “It’s a great place to call home!”

William (1824-1902) & Sarah (Varney) Curry (1837-1910)

And we should know. Some of us have been here since the town was created in 1946, and some of our families have been here since the early 1800s; so we can tell you, come good times or hard, the people of Delbarton have always endured, and we’ve always found ways to do new things using the resources we have.

So come on down and sit for a spell! Listen to some good music, or hit the trails on the mountains. And be sure to get a good home cooked meal from one of our restaurants. The food’s so good, if you put some of it on top of your head, your tounge’ll beat your brains out a tryin’ to get to it.